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"Am I a Good Moslem?"

Being a moslem is a kind of lucky for me. I was born with moslem as my identity after in the previous life my grandfather was a christian, who finally found Islam when he married my grandmother. I'm proud that I have been living as long as 21th as a moslem. In khalimah thayyibah "La ila ha ilaallah muhammaddurasulullah" which always spoken by all over moslem including me, I admit that I am a creation of Allah Subhanahu wata'ala and also as the follower of my prophet Muhammad Salallahu alaihi wassalam. However, I don't ever know how do  my performance in the sight of Allah. Am I already implement my role as a moslem correctly? Am I a good moslem? or a bad moslem? This kind of questions are always bring me to a big reflection.
      As I know so far, Islam has so many goodness values and meaningful teachings. Those are already given by Allah in Al-qur'an and Hadits of Muhammad Salallahu alaihi wassalam as guide for all of human's life. From Al-kahfi ;…

"Should a women work?"

Women work and “not work” is always become a sensitive issue to be discussed. In every discussion about women work, there are two side who agree and disagree. Women who work as the pro and women who are “not work’ ussually as the con. This two side are often fighting with each argument to show whose status which is the best.

Talking about this topic, I have an experience when i went to one of the hospitals in Jogja some weeks ago. I went to check up my pregnancy at the hospital with my husband and we found that the employees of the hospital mostly are women. My husband said, "Their works is very help us here." I also did agree with my husband because the women there are very friendly and the have finished their work professionally. Then i was reminded about any stereotypes which spread in society. Generally, there are many persons who thinks that women who work outside their homes is not good mother or wife. Then, i said to my husband, "As we can see now, the employees …